The Pikes Peak Depression Glass Club
Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Pikes Peak Depression Glass Club (PPDGC) started meeting in Colorado Springs over 50 years ago.
The club is dedicated to the preservation of American made glass, pottery, and dinnerware from
the Depression era.  The club meets at 7 PM on the 3rd Thursday of each month.

The Pikes Peak Depression Glass Club meets at 7 PM on the third Thursday of each month.  The meetings
will be at the Senior Center, 1513 N. Hancock Ave.  Each person MUST bring $2 to pay for your attending
the club meeting in this facility.

The meetings have a short business meeting followed by an excellent program on antiques and/or collectibles.
Guests are always welcome.  Further information and/or directions are available via email.


Feb American Sweetheart / Maria Need Terry & Twink
Mar ?? / Les Need Kim & Jolene
Apr Baby Bottles / Roberta Need Jackie
May Consolidated Charleton / Terry Need Maria & Becky
Jun Jars / Kim Need Corrine & Twink
Jul No meeting. N/A N/A
Aug Club Picnic N/A N/A
Sept Les ?? Cambridge Rosepoint / Susanne Marcella & Susan
Oct Victorian Whimseys / Maria ?? / Les Pat & Shirley
Nov Fenton Christmas / Pat Need Need
Dec Christmas Party N/A N/A

The club no longer sponsors the All American Glass, Pottery, Dinnerware, and More
show.  The show was canceled for the future due to problems finding dealers.

The club has a truly outstanding reference library on depression era glass, pottery,
and dinnerware. Members enjoy free check out from this reference library. To check
out the library click here
"Pikes Peak Depression Glass Club Club Library."

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